The Closest Dispensary To LAS McCarran Airport

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The Closest Dispensary To LAS McCarran Airport

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Heading to the Jade Cannabis Dispensary from the LAS McCarran Airport, now named Harry Reid International Airport, is a 3.4-mile drive. It takes a nine-minute drive to get the best deals for marijuana strains in Las Vegas.


Dispensary To LAS McCarran Airport

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The First Thing Everyone Thinks About When Arriving In Las Vegas: I Need To Stop By The Closest Dispensary.

I Need To Stop By The Closest Dispensary

Your bags are packed; you just endured a long flight with bag checks, crying babies, and uncomfortable turbulence the entire trip. You are ready to enjoy a Sin City ride. But before you get there, you need to stop by the closest dispensary to make sure that you don’t end up in a negative mood for your trip.

Here’s an idea now you can check in to your hotel and get one of Jade Dispensaries’ private drivers to come to swoop you up in a luxury SUV cannabis shuttle to pick up some of your favorite cannabis products.

Typically it’s a very short ride from the airport to any hotel on the strip, so you won’t have to wait too long after you initially leave the airport.

About LAS McCarran Airport

The Las Vegas metropolitan region’s main government airport, Harry Reid International, is located in Paradise, Nevada. It was formerly called the LAS McCarran Airport until December 14, 2021, when the name was changed to Harry Reid International Airport in honor of U.S. Senator Harry Reid. The airport covers 1,100 hectares of land (4.4 square miles; 11 square kilometers). It is owned by the Clark County Commission and operated by the Clark County Department of Aviation. It is 5 miles (8 km) south of Downtown Las Vegas and is used for public transportation.

Las Vegas’ main airport is only a few miles from the Strip, making it the ideal place to arrive in the city. While descending, you may wish to take a look out the window to see the city’s famous Las Vegas Strip and the Mojave Desert from the air. Every year, over 50 million people pass through McCarran’s gates, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the USA’s busiest international airports.

Marijuana-Related Tourism In Las Vegas

Marijuana Related Tourism In Las Vegas

Marijuana tourism is a growing industry in the United States. As more states legalize recreational or medical marijuana, people come from across the country to experience a different type of vacation.

Data from the Marijuana Business Factbook showed how high the economic impact of the cannabis industry could be in the United States. It was projected to grow to a $130 billion industry by 2024.

Marijuana Business Factbook

Source: Marijuana Business Factbook

Marijuana tourism is a growing industry in Nevada, the fifth state to legalize its recreational use in 2017. The updated recreational laws in the state allow individuals over 21 years old to purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis dried flower or 3.5 grams of concentrates or hash for personal use. With around 55 licensed marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, it is common knowledge that the city is set to become one of the world’s most prominent cannabis tourism destinations.

The success of marijuana tourism in Nevada can be attributed to its tourist consumer market that already expects to spend big when they come to Las Vegas to relax and be entertained. This makes them the ideal target market when they come to enjoy the atmosphere and experience the culture of Sin City. Tourists can witness firsthand the cannabis culture of Las Vegas and learn about the history of marijuana laws and regulations in Nevada. They can also watch for notable cannabis events in the area, such as MJBizCon, a marijuana business conference.

Additionally, the Nevada cannabis industry has seen up to $965 million in annual sales for this fiscal year. The recent approval of marijuana consumption lounges in Las Vegas could only improve these numbers.

The appeal of marijuana tourism is three-fold. First, it’s a way to experience the cannabis culture of a different state. Second, it’s a way to get out of the mainstream and seek an alternative to the typical adult vacation. Third, it’s a way to sample the local culture.

While it’s easy to dismiss marijuana tourism as a novelty for a specific crowd of cannabis users, the numbers reveal that tourists are looking for more than just getting high. Every year, more states are legalizing recreational consumption for adults over the age of 21, making access to marijuana legal in more municipalities. While tourists may not be able to buy marijuana, they can still enjoy the various attractions across the United States that offer marijuana tourism packages.

How To Get To Jade Cannabis Dispensary From The LAS McCarran Airport

How To Get To Jade Cannabis Dispensary From The LAS McCarran Airport

If you want to visit Jade Cannabis Dispensary as soon as you get your bags and arrange transportation from the airport, here is a map that will come in handy.

Driving Time: 9 minutes (3.4 miles)

Harry Reid International Airport

5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States

  • Head south on McCarran Airport Connector/Paradise Rd toward Wayne Newton Blvd
    3 ft
  • Use the left lane to stay on McCarran Airport Connector/Paradise Rd
    0.2 mi
  • Turn left onto S University Center Dr
    0.2 mi
  • Slight left onto McCarran Airport Connector/S University Center Dr/Wayne Newton Blvd
    Continue to follow S University Center Dr
    2.7 mi
  • Turn right onto E Desert Inn Rd
    0.4 mi
  • Turn left
    125 ft
  • Turn right
    The destination will be on the left


1130 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jade Cannabis Dispensary at Desert Inn Rd Las Vegas

Can The Cannabis Shuttle Pick Up Tourists From The Airport To Shop At The Dispensary And Drive Them To Their Hotels?

Can The Cannabis Shuttle Pick Up Tourists From The Airport To Shop At The Dispensary And Drive Them To Their Hotels

One of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas is Jade Cannabis, located on East Desert Inn Road. The dispensary’s location can easily be accessible from major hotels and airports in Sin City.

One of the most convenient services offered by Jade Dispensary is the shuttle service. Jade’s shuttle service can pick up customers from any major hotels and locations in Las Vegas, drive them to the dispensary, wait for them to do their shopping, and then drive them back to their pickup location.

We get questions about whether the shuttle service can pick customers up from the airport, drive them to the dispensary to shop, and then drive them to their hotels. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible because transportation regulations in the state of Nevada will not permit airport pick-ups. Our shuttle service can only drop off passengers in the location where they were initially picked up, which is anywhere else in the Las Vegas area.

We can, however, pick passengers up from their hotels, drive them to Jade Cannabis Dispensary, wait for them to shop, and then drive them back to their hotels.

If you’re looking for a local dispensary that combines great service with premium products, visit Jade Cannabis Dispensary on your next trip.

Where Are Jade Cannabis Dispensaries Located?

Where Are Jade Cannabis Dispensaries Located

Jade Cannabis Co has three well-placed locations in the state of Nevada:

  • Jade Cannabis Co 24-Hour Drive-Thru in 1130 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas
  • Jade Cannabis Co Midtown Reno Dispensary in 1085 S Virginia St Suite A. Reno
  • Jade Cannabis Co in 6050 Sky Pointe Drive, Suite 150, Las Vegas

If you’re visiting close to these locations and want to shop and support a local dispensary, visit us at Jade Cannabis.

Want to know about using ridesharing services to go to a dispensary? Read our post and learn if you can Uber to a dispensary in Las Vegas here.

Is There A Minimum Purchase Required To Use The Cannabis Shuttle Service?

No Minimum Purchase Required To Use The Cannabis Shuttle Service

Jade Cannabis’ Shuttle Service is the most convenient way to visit our marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. This is a free service that we offer to our customers in Nevada.

We are often asked if a minimum order amount is required to use this service, and the answer is no. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting our 24-hour dispensary on Desert Inn Road to stock up on your favorite strains to last you a month or if it’s just for a single roll, we would gladly take you on a shuttle ride to Jade.

If you would like to take advantage of our free cannabis shuttle at Jade, you may reach us at 702-536-2586 today.

Additionally, if you’re staying at the shopping and nightlife haven Pallazo Hotel, here’s a helpful article on how to find the closest dispensary to your location.

Is the 24-hour Drive-Thru Available For Cannabis Shuttle Passengers?

Is the hour Drive Thru Available For Cannabis Shuttle Passengers

Another huge advantage to Jade Dispensary is our 24-hour drive-thru service. This is not available from all dispensaries, but a very useful feature when you want to avoid long lines and you want to make a quick pit stop before you check into your hotel.

Passengers of the Jade Cannabis shuttle have the option to use the drive-thru window should they wish for a quicker shopping experience. We understand that some customers may suffer from social anxiety and would rather deal with as fewer people as possible. While our in-store staff is friendly and professional, there are days when the number of people inside can be overwhelming, and in such cases, the drive-thru window is the best option for you.

If you’re someone who wants to use the drive-thru window for your transaction, you only need to let our shuttle driver know, and they will take you there. Our drivers are also knowledgeable about the specials and discounts we may be offering on a particular day, so you can ask them about it in case you want to try out some of our new products at Jade Dispensary Las Vegas.

You may also subscribe to Jade Dispensary’s newsletter to be updated on deals and when we launch new products. Click here to sign up.

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