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    The Vegas Dispensary That Has Won A Loyal Following

    Jade Cannabis Co is a Nevada-based company that is recognized as one of the nation’s premier, fully integrated cannabis companies. We bring cannabis products to the Nevada market while educating the public about the plant’s value and consistently delivering high-quality products.

    We are committed to developing a diverse portfolio of industry-leading products and brands for both medical and recreational-use consumers. At our Las Vegas dispensary, we have something for everyone whether it’s your first time visiting a dispensary on the Las Vegas strip or if you’re one of the most discerning marijuana connoisseurs we have one of the largest selections of unique strains in the city to explore. Place your order today by phone or online, you won’t be disappointed.


    Pre Rolls







    Expert Budtenders

    Jade Cannabis is a top recreational dispensary with expert budtenders. We offer the best strains and personalized service. Whether it's your first visit or your hundredth, come to Jade Cannabis for all your cannabis needs!

    High Quality Cannabis

    We have top of the line cannabis products that fit any consumers needs. Our menu is always evolving to include relevant and in demand brands, strains, cannabinoids and potencies. We’re not like your typical Las Vegas Dispensary.

    Hassle Free Ordering

    Jade Cannabis is the only drive-thru dispensary near the Las Vegas strip. We offer a wide range of cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles in various THC and CBD concentrations, all available without leaving your vehicle.

    Always In Demand

    Imagine being able to get the highest quality medical marijuana at mass-market prices.

    Jade Cannabis Company is a Las Vegas based dispensary that provides top shelf quality cannabis products to locals and tourists alike. Our team is on a never-ending search for the best products – from edibles, vapes, CBD and pre-rolls – to satisfy every need. Whether you’re looking for an energizing daytime strain or something to help you sleep, you’ll find it at our 24 hour dispensary.

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    Mendo Breath

    This cannabis plant is made from OGKB crossed with Mendo Montage, which produces sweet smells like vanilla and caramel.

    Mendo Breath is a strain of marijuana that will make you feel euphoric and relax your body. It might be tempting to smoke it during the day, but save this potent cannabis for after work or you’re going to bed.

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    Many Consider Us The Best Dispensary In Las Vegas

    At Jade Cannabis we strive to be the best and provide the best service and quality products. We take pride in our business and want you to come back and visit us. Jade cannabis just celebrated its third anniversary and we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers. See what people are saying about us in our reviews and see what makes us one of the best dispensaries on the strip.

    June 13, 2024
    literally came here not even 3 nights ago and was served with my half ID because I have my interment paper for my ID and also a picture of the front and back of my ID which is literally a NON EXPIRED DL... a sweet guy helped me, no problems I got 6grams for $40 plus tax was $48... but I just went back today and now all of a sudden they can't help me but literally my name is in their system not even three nights ago so it's just so funny how obviously only certain people can help, he wouldn't even try he asked his manager if he can scan my half ID when I specifically told him that he would have to scan my picture but he refused and said he could not so yeah I'll definitely find a better dispensary I usually go to Nu Leaf but I was in the area at this time. I don't recommend.
    Latoya Davis
    Latoya Davis
    April 24, 2024
    Worst deals in Vegas!!!
    Hot Villian
    Hot Villian
    April 21, 2024
    Ngl, this place suckssssss.. been coming here for 3 years because of the close distance but since then they’ve changed the way their local discounts operate (depending on who’s working).. never answer the phone and i hate the laws about their drive thru and not having a car. Im done lmao
    adelyn berman
    adelyn berman
    April 16, 2024
    I took my aunt here, we got her the Qualcan brand which was is belushi farm sponsored and endorsed. Got home and discovered they charged my aunt $10 a preroll for a product that should not be sold to anyone, it's 11 month old.. Not to mention it's delato strain but the weed is old and absolute trash. Next time u sell someone's endorsed product make sure it isn't packaged and 11 months old. Anything over 8 months old, you should have to tell the consumer the age of the product from when the harvest date is because the harvest date says 4/3/23, it's now 4/7/24, which means it's over a year old, you might get away with that with flower nugs, but not a preroll that has been bucked,grinded,processed and shaken into a paper tube,twisted up paper end, then only to be exposed to air In a def not airtight plastic poptop tube.... absolutely sad of the dispensary to sell such an aged product. Gross... I lived in lasvegas for 18 years, came to visit and I was very disappointed.. The only reason im giving you 2 stars is because you guys had good t shirts that my friends loved. (vegas souvenirs I bouht for them)
    Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez
    April 15, 2024
    Been coming here for years, great place overall. Staff is awesome. Had an issue this morning and it got fixed asap. Pre roll. Thank you as always 🤟
    April 10, 2024
    Love Jade every one is so nice great prices

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