Can You Uber To A Dispensary In Las Vegas?

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Can You Uber To A Dispensary In Las Vegas

Nevada is one of the states that allow the recreational use of cannabis products. Customers who want to purchase cannabis around the state are allowed to take ridesharing services like Uber to their dispensary of choice. Still, there are better options for them, such as a free cannabis shuttle service given by Jade Cannabis Dispensary.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada came a plethora of questions from the general public. With Nevada’s marijuana sales reaching $965 million in the 2022 fiscal year, it’s undeniable that there’s a public interest in buying cannabis products.

One of the pressing questions from people is whether or not they can use a rideshare service to take them to their marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. This makes sense, considering that marijuana-impaired driving is a problem that is preventable with available solutions. Providing people with ride options also helps empower better and safer choices for the public.

Is Taking An Uber To A Dispensary Possible?

Is Taking An Uber To A Dispensary Possible

Las Vegas is one of the states that have legalized the recreational use of cannabis products. If you want to know if it’s possible to take an Uber to a marijuana dispensary, the answer is yes.

First, you need to make sure the dispensary you’re trying to go to is open. Not all dispensaries are on business 24 hours a day, so make sure you check their business hours beforehand. You will also want to make sure they have a place where you can safely wait for your ride. Taking an Uber to a dispensary is pretty simple. Before you get in the car, let your driver know you’d like to be dropped off at a dispensary. Once you’re at the dispensary, you can get out of the car and walk in.

Uber Fares Are Rising; Cannabis Shuttles Are Free.

We can’t deny the value of Uber’s service. They are a convenient and safe option for someone whether they are too tired or impaired also, many travelers do not have access to a vehicle.

In a study by JAMA Network on the Association of Rideshare Use With Alcohol-Associated Motor Vehicle Crash Trauma, they found out that around 33% of rideshare customers in the United States use ridesharing services to avoid driving while impaired, which in turn helped reduce motor vehicle collisions. There is no argument about the usefulness of ridesharing services.

However, the increase in gas prices in 2022 and Uber rates can no longer be ignored.

In Las Vegas, Uber charges around $10.92 to $26.46 for one mile, depending on which type of Uber ride you choose.

The table below shows the price comparison of different Uber rides from Las Vegas Strip to our Jade Cannabis Dispensary located on East Desert Inn Road.

Type Of Uber Ride Fare
UberX $11.93
Comfort Electric $18.39
UberXL $22.58
Comfort $15.07
Uber Pet $14.94
Premier $26.77
Premier SUV $33.32
Assist $11.93

While not all people will consider these prices exorbitant, the costs add up over time. Depending on what time of day and how often you intend to visit a dispensary, you may be better off saving money to buy more interesting strains at our store and looking for a better ride alternative.

Speaking of Vegas, check out our blog on finding the closest dispensary to the Las Vegas Strip.

Jade Cannabis Shuttle Service – A Great Alternative To When An Uber Is Not An Option

Jade Cannabis Shuttle Service – A Great Alternative To When An Uber Is Not An Option

While there may be a workaround to taking an Uber to a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, there is a better alternative to it. This is where Jade Cannabis Dispensary’s Shuttle Service comes in.

The shuttle is a free service offered by our marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. This is very convenient since the shuttle can pick customers up from their location, drive them to the dispensary, and take them back to their pickup place. Taking advantage of this service from Jade Dispensary eliminates the hassle of booking an Uber to take you to the dispensary and wondering if the driver is trustworthy. The shuttle service also trumps renting a vehicle yourself to drive around town and ends up wasting time looking for directions to the nearest dispensary.

With Jade Cannabis’ shuttle service, you can book in advance and communicate with our friendly driver about where to pick you up. You can also chat with the driver during the ride about new strains that might be on offer and if there are special deals going on. This is great if you’ve been looking for new strains or want to know more about our marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas.

Another benefit to our shuttle service is that you get a guaranteed vehicle to take you to the dispensary. If you have a tight schedule on your trip, you can’t afford to waste hours looking for a ride. Plus, you can ask the driver to use the 24-hour drive-thru lane for a quick shopping experience.

Ride Share Companies Are Only One Way – Our Cannabis Shuttles Will Drive You Back Home.

Ride Share Companies Are Only One Way – Our Cannabis Shuttles Will Drive You Back Home

One of the biggest perks of the Jade Cannabis shuttle service is that it offers customers a ride back home to their pickup location.

This is a big thing for our customers since they don’t have to worry about booking a ride after shopping from our marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas.

Our friendly and professional drivers will also wait for you as you shop. There is no need to hurry with your shopping in fear that you will lose your ride home. You can browse through the shop, ask questions, and avail yourself of discounted promotions at your leisure. With Jade Cannabis’ shuttle service, you are guaranteed a safe and comfortable ride home.

How Can A Customer Take Advantage Of Jade’s Dispensary Shuttle Service?

How Can A Customer Take Advantage Of Jades Dispensary Shuttle Service

Booking Jade Cannabis’ shuttle service can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Contact Jade through this link.
  • After you’ve confirmed booking with our staff, you can wait for your scheduled pickup time.
  • Your driver will contact you to confirm your location.
  • The shuttle driver picks you up, drives you to the dispensary, and brings you back to your pickup location after shopping.

Want to know more? Here’s our guide on how to shop at a dispensary in Sin City. Check it out – we made sure to include a lot of information and tips to help you out.

What Are The Guidelines To Follow When Using The Shuttle Service?

What Are The Guidelines To Follow When Using The Shuttle Service

For the safety and comfort of all our passengers, Jade Cannabis implements a few rules when it comes to using our free shuttle service.

  • All passengers must be at least 21 years old. Nevada law has an age requirement of 21 years old or older to buy, possess and consume marijuana for recreational use.
  • All passengers must be registered first before riding the shuttle. We do not do surprise or random pickups along the way. If a passenger needs to withdraw money to use at the store, there is an ATM at the dispensary.
  • Jade Cannabis Dispensary reserves the right to refuse rides to intoxicated passengers.
  • We do not allow the consumption of cannabis products within the shuttle, including products purchased at the dispensary.
  • Tipping your shuttle driver is not required but is highly appreciated.

We recommend that our passengers follow these guidelines to avoid problems during the ride and for a hassle-free shopping experience at Jade Cannabis Dispensary.

Check out our post here to learn how cannabis shuttles can pick you up at Las Vegas Strip casinos to the nearest dispensary.

Final Thoughts On Using An Uber To Visit A Dispensary In Las Vegas

Uber is certainly a convenient service for many people. Since the ridesharing app started, there have been many motor-vehicular collisions that have been prevented because those who are inebriated or too tired to drive have been given the option to get home safely.

However, when it comes to visiting dispensaries in Las Vegas, there is a better alternative. This comes in the form of shuttle services offered by different marijuana dispensaries in the state, including Jade Cannabis. Jade’s shuttle service is free to use for customers of our store, and it has the added bonus of giving passengers a ride back to their pickup spot without hassle.

With this service, Jade Cannabis gives a pleasant and safe shopping experience to our customers. There is also no minimum purchase required at the store to available of our shuttle rides. Our friendly and professional drivers are also willing to wait for their passengers while they shop, so customers can freely browse the store without the need to finish up their shopping until they’re ready.

Want to learn more about Jade Cannabis Dispensary and our products? Check out our website today.

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