The Origin Of Jade Cannabis Co. Las Vegas Dispensary

Jade Cannabis Co is committed to providing each patient with an elevated experience. Our industry-leading practices and knowledge allow us to understand the needs of each of our patients. Educating people about the medical benefits of cannabis is essential to fulfilling our mission. Our team of knowledgeable, friendly budtenders is here to help you find the perfect product at the perfect price.
ade Cannabis Co Is Where Everything Is Happening
Nevada based cannabis company
Our Journey in Nevada began when we opened Jade Dispensaries in Las Vegas and Reno in 2019. Since then we have made it our goal to give back to the local community. We started a monthly charity event that gives back to charities throughout Nevada. Here is a list of charities we’ve supported, and we plan to keep the list growing

Here Are Some Of The Charities We Have Worked With


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We offer customers a wide variety of products like flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. These products are derived from prime quality strains that undergo stringent testing to ensure their purity. We offer our cannabis customers a wide selection of branded products that include industry-leading methods when it comes to processing natural marijuana into refined extracts like distillates and rosin or into consumables in the form of cannabis oil and candies. Our products are 100% natural as they undergo no processing or adding any other substance to them. With us, you can shop for your favorite marijuana products from a wide range of brands in a safe shopping environment!

Jade Cannabis Co. Is Where Everything Is Happening

We have high hopes that the continued legalization of marijuana in other states will expand past Nevada. We look forward to being a part of history in the marijuana industry and continuing our footprint in other states across the country. We have ambitious plans to transcend the common dispensary and innovate.
Jade Cannabis Co. Is Where Everything Is Happening
We Have The Best Cannabis Products

We Have The Best Cannabis Products Whenever and Wherever You Need Them.

As one of the largest marijuana stores in Nevada, we offer a wide selection of cannabis products that satisfy this demand.

We believe that the continued legalization of marijuana across the nation will only open up more legal opportunities for our brand. As the industry continues to expand, large corporations are popping up everywhere to fulfill consumer demand and meet their needs.

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Jade Cannabis Co is currently operating in Las Vegas, NV and Reno, NV. We invite you to visit one of our nearest dispensaries and see why we are one of the most popular establishments closest to The Strip (Las Vegas) and Midtown (Reno). We’re Expecting you, so visit us today!

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