Cannabis Shuttles Will Pick You Up at Las Vegas Strip Casinos To The Nearest Dispensary

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Cannabis Shuttles Will Pick You Up At Las Vegas Strip Casinos To The Nearest Dispensary

Jade Cannabis Company, a marijuana dispensary in Nevada, offers a complementary cannabis shuttles service that is available to pick up customers from Las Vegas strip casinos and drop them off at the store. This service can be arranged beforehand from the dispensary’s website.

The cannabis culture has permeated almost every aspect of Las Vegas. Now you can smoke, vape, or eat cannabis in the city known as Sin City.

Around the globe, the cannabis industry was forecasted to reach $46.8 billion in 2025, while in the United States, the market is expected to grow to 40.0 billion by 2030.

Grandview Research

Source: Grandview Research

Colorado and Washington first legalized the sale of cannabis products in 2014, and Nevada followed suit in January 2017.

In 2021, Nevada was listed as one of the states with the highest marijuana tax revenue at $157 million.


Alaska $30,054,250
Arizona $219,413,828
California $1,294,632,799
Colorado $423,486,053
Illinois $317,074,562
Maine $4,910,962
Massachusetts $176,731,045
Michigan $246,657,520
Nevada $157,752,000
Oregon $178,262,488
Washington $559,500,000

Table courtesy of The Motley Fool

However, the only legal way to purchase weed in the state is from a state-licensed store, just like the Jade Dispensary. The rules are posted on the Cannabis Compliance Board website about knowing the law on the purchase of cannabis products.

What Is Jade Dispensary’s Cannabis Shuttle Service?

What Is Jade Dispensarys Cannabis Shuttle Service

Nevada Law and Casinos you are not allowed to consume cannabis products in public areas. or anywhere on casino properties. The only way people can smoke is in a private residence . but travellers come to las vegas and consume anyways. we do not want to mention that or promote it or the dispensary can get in trouble. customers of cannabis products are responsible to govern themselves accordingly or risk prosecution. it is totally legal to buy from Jade though. Jade Cannabis is one of the very few and only dispensaries to provide this service in Las Vegas.

Cannabis Riding Etiquette

At our Las Vegas dispensary, there are a few rules we want our customers to take note of when riding our cannabis shuttle.

  • Riders must be identified and registered beforehand to avail of this service. This means that random and surprise pickups along the route are not allowed.
  • All riders must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Jade Dispensary reserves the right to refuse intoxicated passengers for the safety of the driver and other passengers.
  • Consumption of cannabis products is not allowed within the shuttle, including products purchased at the dispensary.
  • Our friendly and professional drivers are ready to pick up and drop you off at your location. Although not required, tipping your driver is much appreciated.

We at the Jade Dispensary request that all passengers booked for our Cannabis Shuttle Service follow these simple rules for the safety and comfort of your shuttle ride and others.

Can the shuttle drive passengers through the Cannabis Drive-Thru?

Can the shuttle drive passengers through the Cannabis Drive Thru

Here at Jade Dispensary, we understand that not all customers may want to browse the store. Some would just want to get their favorite strain and complete the transaction as quickly as they possibly can.

Shuttle passengers may wish to go through the Cannabis drive-thru lane if they don’t wish to enter the nearest dispensary. Jade Dispensary offers a unique drive-thru lane for a faster shopping experience.

However, it is essential to note that depending on how long the line is for the drive-thru, it might be possible to complete your transaction quicker at the store. Browsing through the store also allows customers to see new strains of weed the Jade Dispensary have on sale for the day.

Can I bring pets inside the cannabis shuttle?

Can I bring pets inside the cannabis shuttle

We love our furry friends at the Las Vegas dispensary. However, Jade Dispensary does not allow unleashed pets within the store’s premises for the safety of your animals and our staff.

Jade Dispensary does make an exception for pets who are in their carriers, as they pose no safety issues while riding in the Cannabis Shuttle. Similarly, service animals are also allowed in the marijuana dispensary.

How Long Will The Cannabis Shuttle Driver Wait For Me While I Shop?

How Long Will The Cannabis Shuttle Driver Wait For Me While I Shop

At our marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, we encourage our customers to shop around for strains of weed they may be interested in trying and getting as much information as they need about those strains.

Our shuttle drivers can wait for you while you browse and shop for cannabis products at our dispensary.

Do I Need To Share The Cannabis Shuttle With Other Passengers?

You will be glad to know that in our Las Vegas dispensary, we prioritize our customers’ and passengers’ safety and comfort while using the shuttle service.

There would be times when passengers have to share a ride with another group of people. There were cases when we needed to pick a rider up along the way after dropping one off. In such instances, we let the passengers know that they will not be riding the shuttle alone. The customers are okay with it most of the time. If not, Jade Dispensary would make other shuttle arrangements for them.

Can The Shuttle Drivers Make Stops On The Way? For Example, To A Bank To Pick Up Money Or A Friend’s Place?

Can The Shuttle Drivers Make Stops On The Way

For the safety and comfort of our passengers, Jade Dispensary follows a one-pick-up and one-drop-off rule for our shuttle service. While we want to accommodate passenger requests as much as possible, making any unplanned or random stops along the way would only interfere with the schedule and our ability to pick up fellow passengers. This, unfortunately, is one of the reasons why we can’t accommodate such requests.

If the problem is that the passenger doesn’t have cash on-hand to buy items at our 24-hour marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, our facility has an ATM on site that our customers can use. This would be the better option since our customers don’t have to make random stops, and their ATM transactions would be safer within the dispensary premises.

How Does The Process Work? Does Jade Confirm Proof Of Funds Before Sending The Shuttle To Me?

One of the top questions asked when using our marijuana shuttle service is,

“Will the dispensary shuttle verify that I have money to spend at the store before picking me up?”

Jade Dispensary does not confirm Proof Of Funds at the moment. Passengers simply have to book their pickup online beforehand, call the shuttle phone, and let our driver know where to pick them up.

During the booking, we would require the customer’s name and the number of people in the group. This would ensure that we can accommodate the number of passengers in the shuttle.

After the call, our shuttle driver will meet them at their hotel, motel, casino, or wherever their pickup spot is. It helps to know your exact location so that you will know the closest Jade Dispensary near you.

For example, if you’re at the Last Vegas strip, here’s a guide to help you find the closest dispensary. This will give you an idea of how close the Jade Dispensary is to your location.

There is no minimum order required to book the cannabis shuttle service from our dispensary in Las Vegas. You can be alone, and our shuttle service will still be able to accommodate you.

Are There Longer Wait Times For Jade’s Cannabis Shuttle During Peak Hours? Is It First Come, First Serve?

Are There Longer Wait Times For Jades Cannabis Shuttle During Peak Hours

Jade Dispensary’s cannabis shuttle service is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are on a tight schedule, it’s better to schedule the cannabis shuttle service early to ensure that your specific time block is accommodated without issues.

It’s well known that at Jade Cannabis Dispensary, we strive to complete our pick-up and drop-off in a timely manner. However, there are instances when we may encounter delays and wait times depending on how many bookings we have scheduled for that date.

Usually, pickup times can range anywhere from 30 minutes to three to four hours at most. Should there be longer wait times or unprecedented changes to the booking, our shuttle driver will let you know right away.

Can I Book Jade’s Dispensary Shuttle Service A Day In Advance?

Can I Book Jades Dispensary Shuttle Service A Day In Advance

If you are planning a trip to Vegas and following a tight schedule, it’s better to book the cannabis shuttle service in advance.

While Jade Dispensary does not typically get these requests, our staff can arrange this for our customers.

We currently don’t have a system for booking or scheduling these kinds of rides at the moment, but we can leave a note with management so that we can block out the day and time requested. In that way, we can ensure that your time block is accommodated.

Final Thoughts On The Cannabis Shuttle Service From Jade Dispensary.

Overall, the cannabis shuttle service from Jade Dispensary is a valuable service that customers of our Las Vegas dispensary can take advantage of. It’s safe, easy, and comfortable. Customers who are not from the city also don’t have to end up roaming Vegas following directions to the dispensary. They can simply schedule beforehand, arrange for a pickup location, and our shuttle service will do the rest. This saves you a lot of time that you can use to enjoy Jade Dispensary’s products.

Are you visiting Las Vegas for the first time and want to visit a marijuana dispensary? Check out our guide on where to shop for marijuana in Sin City here.

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